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August, 2022

With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 (Delta and Omicron), my number one priority is the health and safety of my clients. Please know, I am fully vaccinated and boosted and will notify you if I’m experiencing any symptoms or am not feeling well for in-person sessions.  

Decision to Meet Face-to-Face:

We have the ability to meet virtually at any time. If sessions are in person, please do your part by attending sessions only if you are symptom free. Also, if someone in your home tests positive for the virus, please let me know- so we can see each other on-line.


If You are Sick:

With the mindset of committing to keep you, me and our families safe from the spread of the virus, please notify me if you are sick or if you test positive before or after a session. If I test positive for the virus, or I am exposed to someone who is, I will notify you so that you can take appropriate precautions.


Your Confidentiality in the Case of Infection:

If you have tested positive for COVID, I may need to notify local health authorities that you have been in my office. If I have to report this, I will only provide the minimum information necessary for their data collection and will not go into any details about the reason for our visit. I will provide a Release of Information form to you to sign if this is needed. 

I am closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and am following the recommendations of local public health authorities. I will continue to provide updates as the situation develops.


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